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Why Choose Us?

In the role of premium web design agency, we have created business websites and web based solutions for established global brands. We have also acquainted small businesses and young startups with sales and leads generation potential of web. Companies throughout the world choose us as their offshore website design & programming partner because we bring following advantages to their project.

Key Difference From Others

We know that our clients will need the best advice and complete understanding of their needs. We still insist on local overheads and do not outsource our work to some unknown land where they got no ideas what business you are in. So... 100% communication, 100% understanding of what you want..


At Macraze, we provide the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. We specialize in both coding customization and creative conceptualization. If that does not convince you, take a look at our portfolio and customer testimonials. Building over 1000 dynamic database-driven websites (in-house) should reflects our capabilities. We are now ranked as the #10 India web development company by Thebharatvarsh.com since NOV 2017.


At Macraze, we are also providing MASTERYGUARANTEE. We will provide unlimited support and guidance in helping you maintaining your website. Our team of professionals will educate you and share our experience with you, be it design, programming or e-marketing knowledge.


With high referrals, strong client retention, and a long list of happy clients, we strive deliver results for each and every client.


With an in-house team of professionals, we communicate directly with clients and get things done effectively and efficiently.


As one of the leading Web Design & Development agencies in India, our digital solutions are versatile and scalable; always ready to evolve with clients’ requirements in the digital sphere. With more than thousands of websites and marketing campaigns launched over the years, our testament to success lies in the accolades and achievements we have received.

Rule Of Thumb

As a digital agency with many years of experience, we have seen many of our clients evolve from the traditional marketing space to the digital world. We have walked side by side with our clients as they embark on an exciting journey, while ensuring that all rules and guidelines are adhered to. Thus, avoiding any unnecessary implications.

Main Focus

A strong online presence is essential to any business in the digital world today. Making a lasting impression that lasts in the consumers’ mind will help them remember the solutions that you offer. At Macraze Technologies, we create amazing websites that are unique and relevant to your industry. We pride ourselves in the systematic execution of deliverables while understanding your businesses and maintaining clear communication at all times.


We will help you build a brand name that will resonate with your clients. Having a strong brand identity will help build your reputation and help you gain recognition, making you stand out from your competitors which will positively influence clients’ purchasing decisions.


Truly understanding our clients’ business objectives has allowed us to develop strategies that will help our clients achieve further growth.

We are Affordable.

Our clients all agree, we are the most affordable Software Development and web design company, delivering more to get you results.